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Beginner - Milk of the Word
PDF Icon SalvationA brief description of what salvation is and is not. 1 page
PDF Icon Don’t Be FooledSatan is busy trying to twist and distort the gospel. It is our responsibility to be aware of  his schemes. 3 pages
PDF Icon Saving FaithUnderstanding the requirements of faith and the only way of salvation is essential. Faith alone in Christ alone. 3 pages
PDF Icon Royal Responsibility Two royal responsibilities the gospel places upon every believer. 3 pages
PDF Icon It is Finished!These words were spoken by Christ signaling that salvation was accomplished, complete. A brief understanding of what Christís mission was and how it was accomplished. 5 pages
PDF Icon Giving PolicyThe policy for giving to Word-is-Truth Christian Church. 2 pages
PDF Icon Mystery Gospel diagram -This diagram was used in the Mystry Gospel Training, it illustrates the Bad News as well as the Good News. 1 page chart
PDF Icon Which is the Right Church Some basic principles on what to look for in the right Church. Seeking to find a Church can be trying, hopefully this will help those seeking a good Church to find a home. 15 pages
PDF Icon The Simple Gospel -- Lets take a look at the gospel message and what it promises for those who are lost. Some have replaced the simple gospel with a message that does not save at all. Take a moment to hear the simple gospel from a different perspective. 12 pages
PDF Icon Grace Logic --The good news of the gospel is so good that many will never believe it, and for just that reason. Many have rejected grace without understanding that is runs counter to human logic. Take some time to allow God to show His thinking in salvation. 8 pages.

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Intermediate- Orientation to the Christian Life
PDF Icon Eternal SecurityCan a believer once saved, ever be lost for any reason? Can a believer once saved fail and loose out on eternity? 10 pages
PDF Icon Profess or PossessMany people profess to believe in Christ, does this mean that they are all saved? Where does the rubber hit the road when it comes to being lost and saved? 13 pages
PDF Icon Religious TrainingHow religious training can be a distraction to the believer growing in grace and the knowledge of Jesus Christ. 5 pages
PDF Icon HumilityThis is an essential grace in the Christian life. God requires humility for salvation and growing in grace. 5 pages
PDF Icon Whether There Be Tongues They Shall Cease” – A subject of much controversy in the Church today. Should we be speaking in tongues or have they ceased? 14 pages
PDF Icon Eternal RealityHow to keep an eternal perspective in the world in which we live. How to avoid some distractions to our perspective. 12 pages
PDF Icon Christians Unite!Today we hear the call to unite for various causes.  How should we sort out which cause to champion?  3 pages
PDF Icon Christ's Ambassadors   - A study of our responsibility as Ambassadors in this world and the message we are to carry.  9 pages
PDF Icon America Under Attack -- A short discourse on the events of 9/11/2001.  4 pages
PDF Icon Can You Love God and Reject Eternal Security - The motivation in the Christian life can be affected by thoughts of insecurity. 8 pages
PDF Icon Sanctify Them by your Truth A short discourse on the phrase where Word-is-Truth gets its name and the meaning behind it. 3 pages
PDF Icon The Charge of Lawlessness- Often the charge of lawlessness is leveled against those who believe in a pure salvation by grace with eternal security.  This short discourse answers this charge.  11 pages
PDF Icon "It is Written" The words of our Lord were appropriate when He spoke them, and they are just as fitting today.  This short discourse is a call toaccuracy in the work of the gospel.  2 pages
PDF Icon FOR SALE - Some are in the business of selling the word of God. Greed has become the order of the day for many. Those who freely give should make sure they give responsibly. I recommend reading this document before supporting any ministry. 13 pages


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Advanced- The Deep things of God
PDF Icon The Future of Israel -- Does Israel have a future?  This discourse will explore this topic and give rock solid answers to this question. 19 pages.
PDF Icon The Longest Sentence -- A study of Eph 1:3-14.  A detailed examination of the hope of the Christian.  61 Pages
PDF Icon The Longest Sentence (Part II) -- A study of Eph 1:15 -22, detailing the destiny of the believer.  33 pages
PDF Icon Introduction to the Mystery .- The Mystery has been revealed, but many still have no clue as to what it is.  6 pages


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