What is the Gospel?


What is the Gospel?Many people say they are saved, but are they saved?  Is there a way to know for sure that you have met all the requirements? In this short discourse, I will discuss how to be saved.  Also, in the time in which we live, I will need to discuss what salvation is not. 

Perhaps you are reading this paper and wondering, "why am I reading this?" After all, you believe you are already saved. Well, maybe you are and maybe you're not. Salvation means different things to different people. To some depending on their particular religious training or culture, they have their own definition of salvation. One thing is clear, everyone thinks they are right. Of course the same thing can be applied to me, and I might be written off, as this is just my opinion. What I intend is to give the principles of salvation from the Bible, of which I am persuaded is the Word of God. 

What is salvation? Salvation is the process that God undertakes to bring man from a position of spiritual death, condemnation, sinfulness and a totally depraved nature, to a position of spiritual life, eternal life, justification, faultless, spotless, and separated forever from the sinful nature. This saved one will forever live in the presence of God in eternal bliss. This whole process of salvation is of God, never man. There is no work man must perform to receive any of the benefits of salvation (Eph 2:8, 9; Titus 3:5; 2Tim 1:9). Man is totally helpless to do anything for God, and we must remember man is lost and the one in need of salvation. Therefore, there is nothing man can do to be saved or carry his salvation to completion, it is ALL the work of God. We could say then, that once you have salvation, you really do have it. Once saved always saved! 

The one and only condition for salvation is faith or believing in the Lord Jesus Christ to save you. As far as the salvation of your soul is concerned, you totally believe, trust, depend on His merits, His sacrificial death, His work for you to be saved. Salvation is not walking an aisle, raising your hand, weeping tears at an altar, or jumping through some psychological hoop. It is not saying the sinner's prayer, or joining a Church. It is not changing your behavior, becoming moral, or feeling sorry for your sins, or giving up sins. It is certainly not inviting Christ into your heart, or inviting Christ into your life. It is not being baptized, speaking in tongues, or becoming emotional. Salvation is the WORK OF GOD! If all you have ever done are these things, then you are not saved, for no one has ever been saved by doing these things! Salvation is not what you can do for God, it is what God has already done through the work of Christ and offered to you absolutely free! Salvation is given by Grace, NEVER works (Rom 11:6). 

Salvation is unconditionally and completely free, and anybody can have it. Anybody who looks away from himself, and anything he has or can do, and looks in faith to the Savior, the Only Savior Jesus Christ can be saved (John 3:15-18). Give up on yourself and depend, trust, believe in Jesus Christ and this is the moment of eternal life for you. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved..." (Acts 16:31).

Douglas E. Presley 4/12/95

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